Personalize your dream home exterior with BluePrintz.

You no longer need to worry if the colors and materials you picked out for your home will look good together. Simply take a picture of your current home, blue print, or home drawing and the BluePrintz app will help you bring it to life in minutes.


Dream it, Design it, Build it.

Check out these examples of what people are creating with the Blue Printz app.

BluePrintz Helps You Bring Your Vision to Life

Our unique app allows you to turn your blue print drawing into a paint-by-number image that can be saved and shared with others.


Choose the right colors and textures for your home without second guessing your decision.

It can be hard to imagine how the exterior design of your new home will look just by holding up a few color swatches from the store. Don't be stuck with buyers remorse because you didn't know how your color combinations would look. BluePrintz helps you add color and textures to the exterior of your home so you can see how they look together. Simply take a picture of your blue print, add it to the app, and personalize it within minutes! You can edit it, save it and share it with others.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Use either your Apple mobile device or tablet to personalize your design. Edit it on the go or share when you're out with friends.

Use Your OWn Home Model

We make it easy for you to upload your own exterior home design. Use a photo, home drawing or actual blue print.

Paint-by-Number Design

BluePrintz turns your inital image into a paint by number illustration in a matter of minutes.

See Colors & Textures together

It's easy to judge if color combinations work well together when you can see them applied to your actual home model.

Save It

Take your time working with colors and materials. Save your creation and edit it at your convenience.

Share it

Easily share your creation on Facebook, on your device or by email. Get opinions from friends and family or send it to your builder!


Have a question? Send it our way and we'll get back to you soon!

Comments, Questions, Praise, Concerns?

Feel free to reach out with comments or questions. We've designed the app to be as simple to use as possible. If you have any recommendations on what we can do to improve it, please drop us a line! We'd love to hear from you. :)


BluePrintz Screenshots

Personalizing colors and textures on the
exterior of your home has never been easier!

  • Pick your picture
  • Edit Materials
  • Pick your paint colors
  • Share your design